Our Story

DETROIT GALLERY OF METALS, is a cultural institution devoted exclusively to the legacy and advancement of the art and craft of fine metalwork. Our goal is to celebrate, preserve, and explore the role of metal arts in Detroit and around the World.


OUR MISSION is to provide awareness of metal arts and crafts that made Detroit one of the most beautiful and renowned Cities in the World through exhibition, preservation, conservation, and education.

Detroit Gallery of Metals is a cultural institution established to celebrate, preserve, and explore the role of metal arts in Detroit and around the World. From Benin Bronze sculptures of West Africa, and iron elements of the Industrial Revolution, ornamental metalworks from the Detroit’s most historic architecture, to the future of sustainable metal arts technology, the Detroit Gallery of Metals is a wonderland of metal arts and history.

Founded by, Carlos Nielbock, a modern-day alchemist and Master Metal Craftsman, known for  transforming raw metal into beautiful things, he has been using that talent to renew the faded beauty of Detroit’s magnificent old buildings for almost 30 years.  C.A.N. Art Handworks, an ornamental metal handcrafting studio on Detroit’s east side has worked relentlessly to restore Detroit’s skyline to it's original grandeur as the "Paris of North America." Detroit Gallery of Metals is located at CAN Art Handworks Inc. Headquarters in the Eastern Market District in Detroit.






His latest project is Detroit Windmill, an extensive process of upcycling found objects to produce the first, fully sustainable, upcycled wind turbine + microgrid, Made in Detroit.

(excerpts from Hour Magazine)

For more information on the history of C.A.N. Art Handworks visit: https://canarts.portfoliobox.io/




Born in Celle, Germany, Nielbock has been bending iron since he was 14.


He specializes in reproducing historical, decorative architecture found decorating some of Detroit's most historic buildings from the Fisher Building to the Fox Theatre. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and beauty, he is a foremost authority in Detroit for historic preservation and conservation of metalworks, and has been collecting and metal artifacts for over 30 years. 


Due to his extensive collection, he was named a major custodian of metals art and is an International Unesco Ambassador.

Learn more about his work at CarlosNielbock.com.